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Darjeeling Government College is affiliated under University of North Bengal. The college follows the regulations relating to self-inspection of evaluated answer scripts by the students under R.T.I. Act, 2005 as followed by University of North Bengal.

Please follow the link-  http://nbu.ac.in/RTI/Downloads/SelfInspectation.pdf

For any other details please follow these links:-

  1. RTI ACT 2005 Pdf
  2. RTI ACT Html
  3. Right to Information Act, 2005 as modified up to February1, 2011
  4. Extending the facility of e-IPO for payment of RTI fee in Indian Missions by Indian citizens abroad.
  5. Cabinet Note on Amendment to the RTI Act, 2005 in the light of the Decision of Central Information Commission dated 03.06.2013 in the case of political parties
  6. Disclosure of personal information under the RTI Act, 2005.
  7. Extension of RTI web portal for online filling of RTI application.
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