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Anti Sexual Harassment Committee

Anti Sexual Harassment Committee

In adherence to UGC (Prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and others in higher educational institutions) Regulations 2013, modified in 2015, the Anti Sexual Harassment Committee is formed in DGC to prevent sexual assault and other offences on any students’ male, female and third gender. It is also applicable to all staff and faculty of the college.

DGC, as a centre of higher education ensures a safe academic ambience and is committed to prevent any kind of sexual harassment/offence. The campus takes a strict stand on any form of harassment that may impair the well being of the students and pollute the ambience of the campus. It takes a proactive role to stop all gender based assault perpetrated against the students and staff.



  • To create a conducive atmosphere in the campus for all employees and students of all sexes.
  • To prevent any gender-based assault/offence and provide a fearless atmosphere.
  • To adopt a gender neutral approach in ensuring the safety of all.
  • To commit itself to a zero tolerance towards sexual harassment.
  • To treat sexual harassment as a misconduct under service rules and initiate action for misconduct if the perpetrator is an employee.
  • To treat sexual harassment as a violation of the disciplinary rules (leading up to rustication and expulsion) if the perpetrator is a student.


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