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Gender Sensitization Cell

Gender Sensitization Cell

Gender sensitization refers to the raising of gender equality concerns. It helps people examine their personal attitudes and beliefs and question the realities of both sexes. Gender sensitization helps the students understand the difference between sex and gender, how gender is socially constructed, and the stereotypes around gender roles. It helps them determine which assumptions about gender are valid and which are stereotyped. Gender is a socially learned behavior based on the social expectations of men and women. The women and children are the most vulnerable groups in this situation. And it’s the undue pressure on boys and girls to live up to the established norms of masculinity and femininity. Girls endure unwarranted social control, discrimination, and domination. Boys are discouraged from being emotional, gentle, and fearful. Gender sensitization gives a clear and precise view of gender and helps to understand that gender is not about ‘women’. It’s about people.

The committee aims to sensitize adolescent girls and boys to existing gender inequalities.To help in sensitizing students about curbing the gender biases prevailing in society and in empowering women and other marginalised gender groups to achieve their goals.  The aim of the Gender Sensitization Cell Committee is to find a way to reduce the barriers caused by discrimination and gender bias. Creating the right kind of gender-sensitive environment in the institution and society as well leads to mutual respect regardless of their gender.



The Gender Sensitization Cell Committee 2022–23 consists of the following members:

Sl.No. Document Name Department Position
01      Dr.Shraddhanjali Singh      Hindi                 Jt. Convenor           
02 Sudha Lama History Jt. Convenor          
03 Safin Pramanik Philosophy Member
04 Banani Dutta Mathematics  Member
05 Ekramul Kabir Physics Member
06 Raj Kumar Chhetri Nepali Member
07 Alina Pradhan Political Science Member
08 Rippandi Lepcha English Member
09 Dewki Limbu Geography Member
10 Nima Sherpa Nepali Member
11 Jyotsana Mothey Chemistry Member


Annual Gender Reports

Sl.No. Document Name Click to View 
01 GENDER REPORT 2022–23  Download
02 GENDER REPORT 2021–22  Download
03 GENDER REPORT 2019-2020-2020-2021  Download
04 GENDER REPORT 2018-19  Download


Gender Equity Programs by the Institution

Sl.No. Document Name Click to View
01 Measures initiated by the Institution to promote gender equity during the last five years (2018–2023)  Download