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Girl's hostel

Girls’ Hostel

Darjeeling Govt. College, Darjeeling provides excellent hostel facility for girls students with 24 hours security. Currently we have three girls hostels with food and lodging facility with  minimum fees . Accommodation details are given below:


Sl. No. Hostel Name Location Total seats Superintendent
1 Heather  Lodge Girls’ Hostel Kutchery More, near D.M. Office 24 Prof. Banani Dutta,
Prof. Pritha Chaudhuri
2 Snowy View girls’ Hostel Above college campus, back mall road 26 Smt. Bina Pradhan
3 Snowy View girls’ Hostel Annexe building Above college campus, back mall road 12 Prof. Priyanka Saha


For academic year 2023-24 hostel fees (non-refundable) structure per month is given below:

Seat Rent  5/-
Boarding charge 25/-
Messing 2670/-
Total 2700/-


In addition with one time admission fee 2/-.

No other charge for electricity or water.


Girls hostels are equipped with necessary basic facilities to make the staying comfortable. All rooms are well ventilated, furnished with bed, mattress, pillow , study table , cupboard , tube lights. Students are allowed to use their own electric equipment such as electric-kettle , hair dryer , iron , electric hot bag etc. without any electricity charges.

Each hostels has independent mess which is run by hostel cook and hostel runner where quality food is made and served in dining hall. 


Mess facilities:

Sl. No. Facilities
1 Meal twice a day
2 Morning tea and biscuits
3 1 heavy meal (veg) at 10 am and another heavy meal (veg/non-veg) served at 7 pm
4 Feast in each month


General facilities:

Sl. No. Facilities
1 Cleanliness of hostel premises is properly maintained
2 Ragging is strictly prohibited in hostel
3 In each hostel at least one superintendent is assigned who act as guardian and undertake responsibility of discipline and safety of the students
4 Hostel gates close at 6:30 pm in summer seasons and at 5:30 pm in winter season
5 Hostellers have to do entry in the register for their incoming and outgoing time
6 Guest charges Rs. 100/- per guest students per day


Constitution of Girls’ Hostel Committee for the academic session 2023-24

Sl. No. Name Designation Position
1 Prof. Banani Dutta Assistant Professor Convener
2 Prof. Nisha Tamang Assistant Professor Member
3 Prof. Pritha Chaudhuri Assistant Professor Member
4 Prof. Priyanka Saha Assistant Professor Member
5 Prof. Puja Gurung Assistant Professor Member
6 Prof. Sulaxana Baraily SACT Member
7 Prof. Bina Pradhan Matron Member

Heather Lodge Girls’ Hostel

Girls’ Hostel Dining Hall

Snowy View Girls’ Hostel