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Minority Cell

SC/ST/OBC & Minority Cell

Darjeeling Government College, Darjeeling has set up the Sub-Committees for SC/ST, OBC, and Minority Cell, to ensure the welfare of the students belonging to SC/ST, OBC, and Minority communities as well as keeping in mind that the guidelines provided by the UGC may be properly and strictly implemented.


The objectives of the Committees are as follows:

  • To ensure that the reservation policy is strictly followed
  • To ensure that the students of Darjeeling Government College are aware of the stipends and scholarships
  • to provide assistance to the students belonging to SC/ST, OBC and Minorities Communities
  • To promote inclusiveness and harmony in the campus


For queries/ assistance, the students may contact :

  • Mr. Sudhir Singh, Inspector, Backward Classes Welfare & Tribal Development Department(External Member)
  • Dr. Varsha Rani Gazmer, Asst. Prof., Department of Microbiology, DGC @9647775465
  • Ms. Neelam Sampang, Asst. Prof., Department of Political Science, DGC @9564251322
  • Ms. Rippandi Lepcha, Asst. Prof., Department of English, DGC @9932621398


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