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Vision & Mission of the College

Vision Of the College

  1. to be a centre of excellence in thrust areas of the teaching and research
  2. to equip our students to meet the nations demand
  3. to expand academic co-operation by offering new specialisation
  4. upgrading existing programmes to a wider spectrum of students and researchers
  5. to attain distinction in providing cutting edge teaching-learning experience, intellectual freedom in order to become first choice of students and researchers
  6. to support and sustain the vision of founder members who paved the path of progress for socially and backward section of the society and also for women by liberating their shackled existence and by illuminating their future with the help of higher education
  7. to encourage student enrolment from among weaker sections, even beyond the reservation limit
  8. to establish a strong partnership between different universities and industry houses and (9) to explore suitably the resource persons for generating future resources. 


Mission Of the College

  1. To advance knowledge for the benefit of the society, industry and environment
  2. To train the next generation of graduates able to excel in either research or industrial or professional disciplines
  3. We will behave the highest level of honesty, integrity and professionalism
  4. Committed to the high quality teaching and research
  5. To encourage innovative approach for both teaching and research
  6. Committed to the overall development our staff and students
  7. Taking short-term valuable decisions consistent with our long-term objectives
  8. Committed to a safe and sustainable work environment